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Keratin Smoothing Process — Hair Salon in Darwin, NT

Hair Smoothing Solutions

De Frizz, Tame those curls and enhance your hair all within a 2 hour 30 min appointment

The ultimate smoothing treatment,  reducing styling time by over 50% whilst repairing all of the damage in your hair,  keeping your hair healthy for several months whilst it nourishes and nurtures the hair keeping its natural moisture and protein. 

Perfect for strengthening highlighted and colored hair. It will enhance the color as well,  eliminating the frizz, making the hair appear healthier overall. Someone with extremely curly hair might end up with less curly and mildly straight ringlets. 

A person with wavy hair or straight hair would end up with straight and polished hair. The effects of the treatment are going to be different for everyone so don’t be disappointed if you don’t get the stick straight hair. 

We recommend you leave at least 2 weeks between a colouring service and a keratin service.  Best practice is to have  your keratin service first before a Demi/Semi colour or two weeks after a permanent colour. Your stylist will recommend the right steps for you at your consultation appointment. 

Dying Woman's Hair — Hair Salon in Darwin, NT
Hair Difference with Keratin Smoothing — Hair Salon in Darwin, NT
Applying Colour To Hair — Hair Salon in Darwin, NT

What Happens Next?

Woman Touching Her Smooth Hair — Hair Salon in Darwin, NT